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Deep-Sky Planner 6.0.15

It is an astronomy application that helps you with your telescope
6.0.15 (See all)

Deep-Sky Planner is a novel software application created as much for the professional as the amateur astronomer. Its purpose is to facilitate data collection processes during your astronomical and sky observation tasks, including planning, annotation, log storage, and report creation.

With a traditional-looking and light interface, Deep-Sky Planner offers you a toolbar with all those tools and elements you will probably be using most. For example, a very important feature to mention is the "Location Manager", which allows you to specify the exact spot in the world where you are making your observations from. You can either choose any of the multiple pre-defined locations around the globe, or create your own new areas and locations using the most accurate information, like the exact longitude and latitude in degrees, minutes and seconds.

Most of the shortcuts on the toolbar provide direct access to the windows where you can make annotations and calculations regarding almost all possible objects in space, such as stars, planets, planetary events, orbital elements, comets, and asteroids. Finally, from the toolbar you can also open the "Observation Browser", manage your observation projects, and perform detailed searches on your saved logs. Of course, the program is not limited to the tools mentioned - it provides many additional features available in its multiple menus, including remote computer control of your telescope, interoperation with existing star charts, and easy report creation tools that can export your data as HTML, TXT, or CSV files.

The program's cost may seem a bit high - however, it might well be a more than reasonable price for those who are passionate about Astronomy.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Traditional-looking and light interface
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to manage locations with accuracy
  • Allows you to make specific annotations for every different kind of space object


  • The database and feature set have been limited for the trial edition
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